At Integrity Therapy, our physical therapists evaluate and treat our patients according to their individualized needs. We specialize in helping adults who are living with acute and chronic orthopedic or neurological conditions:

    Orthopedic injuries or disorders
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Vestibular disorders
    Gait disorders
    Spatial disorientation and balance disorders
    Diabetic neuropathy
    Parkinson’s disease
    Fractures (early stages in rehabilitation)

Integrity Therapy provides a full complement of services to help our patients return to optimal function as quickly and safely as possible. Treatment plans typically focus on:

    Walking/gait training (wheelchair / walker use and training)
    Transfers (moving from one position to another: chair to bed / toilet / car)
    Bed mobility
    Decreasing fall risk
    Improving balance and coordination
    Building strength and endurance
    Increasing range of motion
    Improving joint stability
    Decreasing pain and stiffness

Our licensed physical therapists (PT) and physical therapist assistants (PTA) work in a variety of settings, from independent living and assisted living facilities to memory care facilities to outpatient clinics and out in the community in patients’ homes. Using a variety of manual techniques such as traction, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and strengthening and cardiovascular equipment, our therapists help patients regain and maintain their mobility, balance, and range of motion.

Physical therapists can also recommend and fit a patient for adaptive equipment such as orthotics / prosthetics, sport braces / supports, walkers, canes, strollers, wheelchairs, specialized seating, and bath systems.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

To develop an effective treatment plan and goals, therapists first take a detailed account as to what type of change the patient may be experiencing. This could include any new or old injury or disability. Physical therapists will evaluate:

    Muscle strength
    Muscle tone
    Active and passive range of motion
    Neurological / sensory testing
    Balance / equilibrium / reflex testing
    Pain tolerance
    Trigger point assessment
    Postural alignment

Physical therapy is a team effort and it is vitally important to involve the patient in setting goals. If patients do not feel the goals are realistic or appropriate, they will not achieve them. At Integrity Therapy Solutions, we know this and we are sure to get to know our patients as part of our best practices to ensure the best possible results.

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